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BitTorrent comes to Apple TV through a live news app

Follow the US election through peer-to-peer video.

BitTorrent just came to the new Apple TV... though not in the way you might have expected. OnAir Live Developers has released OTT News, an app for Apple TV (Android and iOS too) that uses BitTorrent Live's peer-to-peer streaming to cover the US election both in real-time and through pre-recorded clips. It's not as lavishly produced as the coverage from big TV networks, but that's part of the point -- the technology lets a small outfit stream to your devices without expensive servers and bandwidth. It opens the door to live living room video from more than just the usual suspects.

The catch? You might not get to tune in right away. The Apple TV and iOS apps are invitation-only at the moment, so there's no guarantee of access before the next primary. However, patience might be a virtue if you want as-it-happens political news without turning to conventional media outlets.

Update: We're hearing that the Apple device apps aren't invitation-only any more. Have at it!