Prep for the debates and primaries with Engadget's election guide

New Hampshire votes tonight, and both parties will hold debates before the week is out.

Last week Iowa voted and there were surprises all around. Ted Cruz became the front runner in the Republican race and Marco Rubio made an excellent showing by coming in a close third. Plus Hillary Clinton only narrowly avoided an upset from Larry David impersonator Bernie Sanders. Add to that the rather contentious (and meme-inspiring) debate between the Republicans on Saturday and this week is looking to be a decisive one for the Candidates.

Tonight the citizens of New Hampshire will make their voices heard when they cast their votes in the first true primary of the season.

Then, on Thursday at 9pm ET, Hillary and Bernie will take the stage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a debate hosted by PBS News Hour. You'll be able to watch it on your local PBS station, as well as at and on YouTube.

Saturday night, there will be a number of rematches to watch for when the Republicans get together in South Carolina. Will Jeb Bush continue to have success against Donald Trump? Will Chris Christie keep making Marco Rubio look foolish? Will Ben Carson successfully find his way to the podium? All these questions and more will be answered at 9pm ET on Saturday. You can catch the debate on you local CBS affiliate, or in the CBSN app on your Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, iOS or Android device.

And, of course, before those showdowns kick off, make sure to get caught up on the candidates positions on the most pressing tech and science issues of 2016 in our election guide. And make sure to join in the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Ello, Google+, BBS or semaphore using the hashtag #engadgetelectionguide.