Sky Q goes on sale in the UK

The new boxes can be ordered online or over the phone.

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Nick Summers
February 9th, 2016
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Sky Q goes on sale in the UK

Sky TV's long overdue revamp has finally arrived. The new Sky Q service is available to order starting today, ushering in fresh hardware and a vastly improved UI. The basic box costs £42 per month and can record three shows simultaneously in 1080p -- you can watch a fourth one live -- on a 1TB hard drive. The Sky Q Silver box, meanwhile, is 4K ready and can capture up to four shows at once onto a 2TB drive, with the option to watch a fifth channel live. It costs £54 per month and supports up to four Sky Q Mini boxes, which cost £99 each, for multi-room viewing.

The upgraded boxes are welcome, but the real attraction here is the revamped software. The old Sky TV experience is terribly outdated -- moving around the guide is slow, clunky and often confusing. Sky Q is a much-needed refresh that changes almost every aspect of the navigation -- it no longer looks like a spreadsheet, with a vertical list for switching between sections and a heavy emphasis on bright, large images.

Sky Q can be bought online and over the phone right now. If you would rather walk into a store and talk to an expert, however, you'll have to wait until February 12th before making the all-important upgrade.

Here's what you can expect to pay for the new service:

Monthly cost

Basic charge With Sky Movies With Sky Sports With both
Sky Q £42 £59 £67.50 £76.50
Sky Q Silver £54 £71 £79.50 £88.50

Total 18-month contract cost

Basic charge With Sky Movies With Sky Sports With both
Sky Q £756 £1,062 £1,215 £1,377
Sky Q Silver £972 £1,278 £1,431 £1,593

Set-up charges

Installation fee (existing customers only) No extras With broadband, Sports or Movies Extra Q Mini box
Sky Q bundle £50 £249 £99 N/A
Sky Q bundle (w/ Silver box) £50 £299 £149 N/A
Sky Q Silver bundle £50 £299 £99 £99
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