StreamNation shuts down its cloud media service on March 8th

Some of its technology will live on in a new project, however.

Are you one of the early adopters who gave StreamNation a shot? If you did, you'll want to sit up and take notice. The company is shutting down its namesake personal-media-in-the-cloud service (along with Shutter) on March 8th. You can move any photos and videos to Picturelife, which will be sticking around, but music and other files will bite the bullet after that date. Don't despair, though -- this isn't the usual service shutdown, strictly speaking.

StreamNation is instead launching a brand new service, nicknamed Project Noah, that it hopes will fare a better chance. The current service requires uploading whatever you have, which can take ages if you've built up a good-sized library over the years -- StreamNation even tried shipping hard drives to some users to save them time. Project Noah, however, saves you from uploading altogether. There's no mention of how it'll work, but it sounds as if you'll remotely access the files on your own devices.

Whether or not it works is another matter. StreamNation is not only competing against cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive, which have ways to play your media from the cloud, but subscription streaming services like Netflix and Spotify. There is a case to be made for personal media streaming, but there are many who might prefer one of the many alternatives.