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Twitter is going to 'fix' how you @

The current @name syntax is too confusing for users, says Twitter.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Earlier today, Twitter announced that it would be implementing an optional algorithmic feed that would put the most "important" tweets that you missed at the top of your timeline. Now it seems there are more changes in the works. According to Twitter's Q4 and Fiscal 2015 letter to its shareholders, it is now going to fix how its @name and @reply syntax works. This @reply mechanism, Twitter says, is confusing and is known to "inhibit usage and drive people away."

While that seems a little odd at first, it does make some sense. @replies take up valuable space in that 140-character limit and plenty of people often @reply to the wrong person because of misspellings, typos or simply a misunderstanding of how Twitter works (I know I get a lot of misdirected @nicole tweets, for example). It remains to be seen how Twitter plans to fix this issue, but it does seem like the company is being more aggressive than ever in attempting to refine its product. In the same shareholder letter, Twitter also says it plans to "improve onboarding flows" so that you can find your contacts easier, and to make tweeting faster with both text and visual media.