Bop It! 2016 is more complicated than you remember

New commands include "selfie it" because of course they do.


If the return of The X-Files and Full House to TV wasn't enough of an indication that pop culture has a thing for the Clinton years right now, then maybe news that Bop It is coming back will change that. But unlike the model of yore that only demanded you "bop it," "twist it" and "pull it," this one has "sing it" in addition to 21st century tasks including "selfie it" for certain modes. Naturally.

A prepared statement (PDF) out of this year's Toy Fair says that there's a trio of different games built into the device including Classic for Bop It! purists. Action mixes it up by utilizing on-board accelerometers and other sensors. Of course, there's also the sound-based Beat Box mode which Hasbro touts is for Bop It! experts.

Unlike pricey vaporizers that also play Simon, this flashback game will only set you back $20 when it releases this fall. At that price, maybe Uber will add them to even more back seats to distract late-night fares who are more than a few sheets to the wind.