'Pong' comes to the Apple Watch

'A Tiny Game of Pong' harnesses the Apple Watch digital crown to play the Atari classic.

Tennis season is coming, and what better way to celebrate the sport than by playing it on your wrist? That's the idea behind A Tiny Game of Pong, a version of the Atari classic designed to run on the Apple Watch. It was created by developer Matt Wiechec in order to learn how to design apps for the wearable. Once installed, you can use the watch's digital crown to push your paddle back-and-forth across the display. Should you wish, you can also switch the theme colors from black and white to match those of your strap.

The game is currently available for free from the App Store, although a $0.99 in-app purchase is required if you want to unlock an AI opponent, amongst other features. If the name Wiechec sounds familiar, it's because he previously created the game Marco Polo where you find your iPhone by shouting at it. If there's one thing we'd say, it's that you should hurry up and get this downloaded fast. After all, you only have to ask the creator of Plasma Pong to find out how Atari feels about companies using its brand name.