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The original 'Rayman' makes its way to mobile tomorrow

Fingers crossed for decent touchscreen controls.
The original 'Rayman' makes its way to mobile tomorrow
Jessica Conditt
Jessica Conditt|@JessConditt|February 17, 2016 1:19 PM

The original, 1995 version of Rayman is heading to iOS devices tomorrow, February 18th, according to the series' official Twitter account. "Rayman's going old school on mobile! Look for #RaymanClassic on the App Store tomorrow!" the relevant tweet reads. That same account teased the game last week.

There's no word on how the side-scrolling platformer will translate to touchscreens -- previous mobile Rayman games Fiesta Run and Jungle Run are endless runners, which is a clever way to deal with that pesky touch-control situation. However, the original Rayman is a true-blue platformer with traditional gamepad mechanics. Even if the controls are subpar, maybe think of them as part of an extra-hard difficulty setting (and try not to throw your phones in frustration).

Rayman hit the Atari Jaguar and original PlayStation in 1995, and it quickly set a new standard for quirky, atmospheric platforming games. It was published by Ubisoft, under the leadership of Michel Ancel. Ancel went on to craft cult hit Beyond Good and Evil, and he's rumored to be working on that game's sequel. Even though Ancel is still with Ubisoft after all these years, he now has his own development company, Wild Sheep Studio, which is currently working on Wild.

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The original 'Rayman' makes its way to mobile tomorrow