Opera Max alerts you when apps consume data in the background

Find out which apps are gobbling up your monthly allotment.

In an age where unlimited data plans are scarce, it's important to keep tabs on apps like Facebook Messenger and Gmail that gobble up data in the background. For Android users, there are controls for limiting an app's background consumption in versions Lollipop and newer. A new feature for Opera Max takes that one step further with Smart Alerts. The tool not only has a set limit, but it keeps you informed of which apps are the culprits.

When an app uses more than 10MB of data in the background during the course of a week, the app will alert you to the culprit with a notification. That message also includes the ability to immediately block the app from continuing to do so. You can also expect a notification when Opera Max picks up on "heavy, rapid" background data use. If you're looking to give it a go, you can download the most recent version from Google Play now.