Peloton's spin-class bike now works with Strava

The internet-connected spin bike now lets you share your stats with friends (and rivals).

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Daniel Cooper
February 18, 2016 9:30 AM
Peloton's spin-class bike now works with Strava

Peloton, the high-end connected bike that lets you follow along with indoor cycling classes, has announced that it'll let you sync your stats on Strava. Riders can join the Peloton Club on the service where they can track workout data like cadence, power output, speed and heart rate. They can also, of course, share that information with friends and family to keep themselves motivated, as you do. Strava Premium Members also get something out of this: exclusive access to a selection of Peloton's best workout videos that'll drop later in the spring.

If you're unaware, Peloton is a stationary bike with a built-in 21.5-inch touchscreen that lets you watch live or on-demand spin classes from its New York studio. It's a pricey affair at $1,995, plus $39 a month for the ability to view classes as-and-when you want. Thankfully, there's also a Peloton iPad app that lets you follow along with the group for just $13 a month if you've already got your own spin bike. If you're already a member of the Peloton family, you can start using the service from today, and it sure beats going to a Soul Cycle, right?

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