Tag enemies with your eyes in Tom Clancy's 'The Division'

Tobii's eye-tracking technology lets you mark allies and enemies with a stare.

If you're hankering for something to spice up The Division after months of playing, getting a Tobii eye tracker is probably your best bet. The Swedish company's devices are now compatible with the PC version of the title, which means the Tom Clancy game gets a bunch of cool, new eye-tracking features. What's perhaps the neatest of them all is the ability to tag or mark an enemy just by looking at them, so your team can see and shoot him. That's more efficient than, say, Battlefield's multiplayer system, wherein you'd have to tap another key to tag an opponent.

Tobii is compatible with other games like DayZ, but it says this is the first time it has included the ability to mark enemies for your allies. Besides the Enemy Tagging feature, its devices will also give you a way to move between covers, aim your weapons and even select locations on the map by moving your eyes towards the target. Your game will hide UI elements like health and ammunition from the screen, as well, until you look at the areas where they're supposed to be.

The video below shows the new features Tobii's eye trackers can add to your game, in case you're of two minds about getting one: