Explore the skies with this new USS Enterprise drone

To boldly go where no quadcopter has gone before.

At this year's Toy Fair Spin Master showed off its latest drone creation: a USS Enterprise quadcopter. It may not travel at warp speed, but it'll still arrive right on time for Star Trek's 50th anniversary this fall.

Spin Master is probably best known for its line of Air Hogs RC vehicles, but the company also has prior experience with recreating fictional spacecraft in drone form. Last year's Star Wars "Force Friday" event brought us a quadcopter Millennium Falcon and X-wing starfighter. The USS Enterprise shows the same level of care in its design. The rotors are encased in a lightweight, sturdy plastic casing made to resemble the saucer section of the NCC-1701-A. Sure, it's not the classic Enterprise from the original television series (NCC-1701), but its sleeker profile should be familiar to anyone who's watched any of the first six Star Trek films.

The saucer casing is an open framework so the rotors can function, making the drone sort of resemble a ship under construction. All of the essential features are still there: The bridge on top, windows along the edge and of course, the ship's name and serial number prominently displayed on the top front. The drive section of the starship is recreated in lightweight foam with light-up warp nacelles. The unit also packs in a number of sound effects, including the Enterprise's distinctive phaser and warp sounds.

The Star Trek quadcopter will retail for $120 when it arrives this September.