ZTE's latest Android projector is basically a tablet

The Spro Plus may be the only device you need for watching movies ... wherever you are.

ZTE's Android projectors have often seemed like answers to a question no one asked, but the company might have found an audience with the newly unveiled Spro Plus. The device combines a 500-lumen projector with an Android-based control system that includes an 8.4-inch AMOLED screen, a Snapdragon 801 processor, optional LTE data and 128GB of expandable storage. In effect, it's a chunky mid-range tablet that can cast 80-inch images on your wall.

It's ostensibly designed as an all-in-one machine for presentations and conferencing (there's an optional USB camera). However, ZTE isn't shy about admitting that this could also make a good movie machine -- imagine watching a big-screen flick on the same device you used to check Facebook minutes earlier. The main catches are the wait time and the cost. You'll have to wait until summer to get the Spro Plus, and mum's the word on price. The odds are that it'll cost as much as a good dedicated projector, so you'll have to decide whether or not this two-in-one approach is worth some compromises.