Oral-B's new smart toothbrush tracks movement with your phone

Cellphone cameras and motion sensors create high-tech oral hygiene.

Oral-B debuted its Smart Series of connected toothbrushes last year, and at Mobile World Congress 2016, the company announced a new model. The Oral-B Genius touts Position Detection tech that uses motion sensors and your phone's camera to track your oral hygiene. Those bells and whistles keep tabs on location, pressure and brushing time to offer feedback on how well you're cleaning your teeth. All of those details come to you through the companion app on your trusty handset. In fact, there's a holder that comes with the high-tech toothbrush so you can put your phone on the mirror in front of you while brush.

Pressure sensors ensure that you're not applying too much force when brushing, a habit that could cause more harm than good. If you do get a bit heavy-handed, the Genius will adjust its speed and pulsation to compensate. The app will also let you know when you've covered each section of your mouth adequately (it takes about 30 seconds for each, by the way). There's no word on pricing just yet, but the Oral-B Genius is set to go on sale in select areas in July.