Fujitsu made a wearable that knows when a cow is in the mood

The device is designed to help farmers increase cattle production efficiency.

Fitness trackers for cows are nothing new, but Fujitsu's EDSC wearable has a very specific purpose. The company's Estrus Detection System for Cattle, which is being showcased at Mobile World Congress, is designed to help farmers increase the efficiency of cattle production. By counting a cow's steps, using the orange pedometer pictured above, EDSC can easily recognize when the animal is ready for insemination. According to a Fujitsu representative, cows boost their walk time by up to six times when they are sexually aroused.

Fujitsu's system also consists of a stationary receiver, priced at $3,000 ($150 for the wearable), that collects this health data and sends it to the Microsoft Azure cloud. From there, EDSC automatically sends the feedback to a computer, laptop or PC, giving cattle owners access to plenty of valuable information about the livestock, such as timing for early conception and predicted due dates.

While the product has been around since 2013, the Fujitsu rep said it made perfect sense to bring it to MWC 2016 -- what with wearables being such a big part of the show. An EDSC pilot program is currently available in Japan and Europe, and there's a chance it could head to the US in the future.