Google+ tweaks Android app to load websites faster over WiFi

The app also gets a notifications filter and new community moderation tools.

The latest Google+ upgrade for Android comes with a handful of big changes, starting with the ability to load websites faster. So long as you're on an unmetered connection like WiFi, G+ can pre-render the web pages you access from within the app to make them show up more quickly. The video below the fold demonstrates just how much faster pre-rendered pages appear. Once you update the application, you'll also get the ability to filter your notifications by All, Unread or Other, as well as to select and delete multiple entries in the Activity Log simultaneously.

If you manage a community, you'll find that you can now access the moderation queue, review flagged posts and ban wayward members more easily. Finally, the Google+ team is bringing back Search Autocomplete now that they've fixed the bug that caused the app to go on the fritz on devices in Airplane mode. The update's live and ready to download from the Play Store anytime.

By the way, if you notice some websites popping up on mobile faster even if you're not on G+, that's because Google has just activated the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project. It promises to load websites up to four times faster while consuming less data than usual.