Facebook Live Video comes to Android

It's rolling out first in the US.

The ability to broadcast live video will soon be available to every Facebook user on iOS and Android. After its US debut on the iPhone, the company has slowly started to introduce the feature in other markets, including the UK. Now, it's coming to Google's mobile OS too, starting with users in the US today. "More countries will be coming soon," Facebook said in a blog post. In addition, the company has announced that 30 countries now have access through the iOS app: "We'll continue to roll this out to more people as well as Pages in countries around the world in the coming weeks."

Once enabled, you can share a live video feed from your phone by tapping the "What's on your mind?" field at the top of the News Feed, followed by the Live Video icon. Rattle off a quick description and you're away, with the ability to respond to real-time comments and review how many people are watching. When it's all over, the broadcast will be archived on your Timeline, where you can choose to keep it or delete it straightaway.

Game on, Periscope.