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Google is reportedly working with Vizio on Cast-ready TVs

New TVs could skip built-in apps entirely, and just Cast content from an included tablet.


Google has tried reworking Google TV into Android TV, but we're still not seeing the platform embedded in many more new TVs that were announced at launch. Now, according to a report from Variety, the company could try convincing manufacturers to build Chromecast-like receiving directly into TV sets. The first rumored partner is Vizio, which could be looking for a new edge in smart TVs with Yahoo shutting down its platform, and the possibility of an Android tablet remote. Vizio tried building its own Android tablet before, but packing one in with each new TV would be a step further.

Users have asked for a lighter (or non-existent) smart TV experience, and switching to casting with smarts offloaded to a tablet, or phone, might be the best way to do that. Android TVs already support casting, but including the functionality of the popular dongle in brand news TVs should get the tech in front of more people. As long as that means more WiFi-connected TVs, then for Vizio that means more opportunities to monitor viewing with its InScape technology.