Finn from 'Star Wars' wants a story mode for 'Battlefront'

Actor John Boyega took to Twitter and asked EA the question we've all wanted to.

Associated Press

Electronic Arts and DICE have gone on record saying that the "Battle of Jakku" map is the closest we're going to get to any content in Star Wars: Battlefront that wasn't in the classic trilogy. But does that edict mean the development teams will ignore the request of one of The Force Awakens' breakout stars, John Boyega (disgraced stormtrooper Finn), for a "full on offline" story mode? Time will tell. "It's more of an enjoyable way to learn controls," he tweeted. He isn't wrong, either: Trying to learn any game's intricacies while also dodging incoming fire from folks online is a pain.

Boyega said he's been playing the series for years and that it was pretty weird killing stormtroopers online before he actually offed them in Episode VII. Now, remember, there is an offline portion of the game dubbed "missions" where you can race through the forests of Endor on a speeder bike or participate in a pretty weak version of the Battle of Hoth, among other scenarios. It's something the person running the EA Star Wars Twitter account was quick to point out.

But Boyega shares another sentiment with folks playing Battlefront in that respect as well:

So says Finn, so say we all. From the looks of it, Boyega will get one of his wishes granted, though: A tour through EA's offices in the UK -- maybe he'll inquire more about the campaign while there.