Xbox One update boosts Party Chat and lets you buy Xbox 360 games

If you've wanted to chat with 16 people at the same time, now's your chance.

For Microsoft and Sony, the start of a new month means it's time to share new software updates. Sony's already had its turn, announcing that Remote Play will soon make its way to PC and Mac, and now Microsoft has confirmed it's deploying a patch with a number of frequently requested features.

One of the most notable additions is improved access to Xbox 360 games. Microsoft has allowed Xbox One gamers to play older titles on their console for a few months now, but finding and launching them can be a pain. With the new update, older-generation games will be listed in a similar way to digital Xbox One titles, making them easier to buy and download to your console.

Party Chat has been given a nice little overhaul too. It can now be used during Twitch broadcasts and there's now the ability to listen to conversations through your headset and speakers at the same time. The Party Chat limit has been expanded from 12 to 16 people, which is either a blessing or a curse depending on what type of games you play.

Xbox One Update

Microsoft has also listened to gamers who are frustrated with having to jump between apps to check on their achievements. They'll now be loaded into the Xbox One guide and videos will now be playable from your Activity Feed. On top of that, Microsoft is scrapping the hard 30 second limit on Game DVR recording and adding a number of new recording lengths. Footage can now be saved in 15 second, 30 second, 45 second, 1 minute, 3 minute or 5 minute clips.

If you're a member of Microsoft's Xbox One Preview program, you can download the update today. Everyone else will have to wait for it roll out over the next few weeks.