Stir now sells just the bases for its sit-stand desks

You can pick whatever topper you want, but you'll still get the same touchscreen controls.

Every time we write about Stir's kinetic standing desks, we always point out how damn expensive the things are. In a world where you can buy a manually-operated standing desk from Ikea for a couple of bucks, spending three grand on a smart one can seem excessive. Thankfully, Stir knows this and is now offering a way for folks to just buy the legs without spending big on the top. The Base L1 is, as you can guess, a height-adjustable desk base that'll let you attach any topper of your choosing. Should you want to get in on the action, it'll set you back between $1,000 and $1,500 depending on what you can haggle with your local dealer. Plus, obviously, the price of a base on top.

The company has already started fitting L1s in offices across America, including kitting out Live Nation's HQ in California. Since the music promoter wanted an all-walnut finish, it offered up the legs and let contractors cut holes for the touch panel. It's certainly not a new phenomenon, since companies such as UpDesk and Humanscale already offer standalone frames for custom tops. Then again, we can't think of another desk that offers built-in fitness tracking and can learn your habits, too.