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Samsung Galaxy S7 buyers can claim their free Gear VR

Verizon customers can go for a free Gear S2 instead.

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones, it offered a pretty nice enticement to pre-order buyers: A free Galaxy Gear VR headset and six-game bundle worth $150. If you plunked your money down or are planning to do so before March 18th, you can now claim your goodies through a new portal on Samsung's website. All you need to do is select the carrier or retailer you bought it from and follow the instructions. Verizon buyers can pick a Gear S2 smartwatch valued at $300 instead, while T-Mobile users get a free year of Netflix on top of the Gear VR, a $120 perk.

Sprint customers will be sent the Gear VR directly, while everyone else will need to wait four to six weeks to receive their goodies. You'll need to supply the phone's EMEI, WiFi info and a picture of the receipt. In our review of the consumer Gear VR, we called it a "no-brainer" for owners of Galaxy devices, and we'd say that applies if you're thinking of getting a Galaxy S7 device too. It's better than plunking down $600 on an Oculus Rift or $800 on a Vive VR and then deciding you actually hate virtual reality.