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6 high-flying clean energy generators

Sky-based deployment means unfettered wind and solar power.
6 high-flying clean energy generators
Inhabitat|March 5, 2016 12:30 PM

By Cat DiStasio

Dirty fossil fuels come from the ground, but the future of energy is in the sky. Thanks to innovative engineers in the renewable energy industry, the world of high-altitude wind and solar generators is booming. Not only are these devices cleaner than fossil fuel alternatives, but they have the potential to generate more usable energy at a lower cost. High-altitude wind turbines can take advantage of faster wind speeds, and positioning solar arrays above the clouds yields better sun exposure without shadows blocking the rays.

Gallery: 6 high-flying clean energy generators | 6 Photos

  • The world's first airborne wind turbine
  • NextPV solar balloons
  • Makani Power Energy Kites
  • Dubai’s solar-powered robot “Wings”
  • KiteGen flying wind turbines
  • TwingTec TT100 deployable wind turbine system
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6 high-flying clean energy generators