Students can make self-driving cars with littleBits' STEAM kit

The company says even teachers who aren't too tech-savvy can use it inside the classroom.

littleBits designed its latest kit with both students and teachers in mind. Its new STEAM Student set is meant to help educators teach kids grades 3 to 8 Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design and Math subjects by having them invent little gizmos. Each set includes 19 electronic pieces, including various sensors and motors, as well as 38 accessories that kids can use. Plus, it comes with guides both students and teachers can consult if they want to see specific instructions on how to make small self-driving cars, a robot that can draw or even a security device for backpacks.

The projects were designed to help students learn various lessons taught in the classroom. For instance, if they follow the instructions on how to make a projectile launcher, they'll learn about forces and motion along the way, as well as use it for experiments. littleBits said it made sure that even teachers who don't consider themselves tech-savvy can use the kit as a learning tool.

NYC's Department of Education already distributed kits to its schools as part of the city's STEM enrichment program, but everyone else can preorder it through the company's website or education retailers for $300. Now, if you want to invent little doohickeys yourself, don't worry: littleBits sells various sets, some with a lot more electronic building blocks than this one has.

LittleBits STEAM Student Set