Nexus 5X update should fix those lag and slowdown issues

If you thought Android wasn't running as smooth as it should, get ready for an update.

Google's Nexus phones (and tablets) usually run Android at its best. Because, well, Google also makes Android. However, the company's recent heavy-middleweight Nexus 5X wasn't quite working how you'd expect. Several users, and reviewers, noted slowdown, apps shutting down, and other things that might ruin your time with the latest version of Android. (Marshmallow, if you were still paying attention to the candy-themed naming pattern.) In our review, we didn't see such extensive performance woes, deeming it "pretty smooth" -- although that's the diplomatic way of saying that the experience wasn't completely smooth. The next update, rolling out over the next few days, will help solve that issue. And you'll get some security updates too.