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Seagate will launch the 'fastest-ever' SSD this summer

Coming soon, to a data center near you.

Geeks of all stripes agree: there's no such thing as being able to move data too fast. Luckily for them, Seagate will soon show off a "production-ready" solid-state drive that push those bits like no one's business. That SSD -- which is expected to officially launch this summer -- can move data at up to 10GB per second, making the Samsung drive that last held the record seem pokey by comparison.

Alas, Seagate wasn't terribly forthcoming with details, so we don't know exactly what this thing's average read/write speeds look like. If you were waiting for the big rub, though, here it is: this insanely fast drive means is mostly meant for data centers, especially those that perform tasks that need speed, like "web applications, weather modeling, or statistical trends analysis." In fact, the drive was designed at least partially with the Open Compute Project (you know, that Facebook-led initiative that open-sourced data center specs and schematics) in mind. That said, nothing's keeping you from slapping one of these things into any rig with a modern motherboard that supports NVMe SSDs... except the drives aren't available yet and the price tags involved just might make hobbyists' credit cards melt.