Google Docs gets speedy Android navigation and an outline tool

Scrolling through Docs on Android just got a lot simpler.

It'll soon be a lot easier for you to browse through Google Docs files on Android phones and tablets. With the latest version of Docs on Android, you'll now see a small overlay when scrolling through documents. Tapping on it brings up the basic structure of your file, which you can then use to hop to different sections. It's a fairly minor addition, but it's one that should make it much easier to edit documents on Android (it certainly would have been nice when reviewing the Pixel C).

On a similar note, Google is also adding an outline tool to Docs on the web and Android. It displays a pane of your document's structure on the left side of the screen, and again you can use it to quickly move around without scrolling much. It could be particularly useful for people who take notes on Docs. By default it'll organize your document based on heading structure, but if you haven't added headings it'll also guess based on how the file is divided.