LastPass app takes the pain out of two-factor sign-ins

LastPass Authenticator saves you the trouble of punching in numbers.

Many will tell you that it's wise to use two-factor authentication to lock down your internet accounts. Actually using it, however, is another story -- there's only so many times you can enter passcodes from your phone before you tear your hair out. LastPass thinks it has a better way. It's launching a LastPass Authenticator app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone that softens the blow when you have many accounts. Instead of entering a passcode to get into LastPass, you can have Authenticator send a simple verify button to sign in with one tap.

It'll also work with any app or website that supports Google Authenticator (such as Dropbox or Facebook). You'll have to use old-school codes in those cases, but that should still turn LastPass Authenticator into a management hub for your sign-ins. The app is free, so it won't hurt to try if you want to simplify your online safeguards.