Uber's Family Profiles let you pay for up to 10 people

Riders asked and Uber delivered.
Matt Brian
M. Brian|03.16.16

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Many companies offer "Family" programs to make it easier to manage accounts, but they're typically associated with things like mobile plans, streaming services or downloading apps from the App Store. Now, Uber is getting in on the act with its new "Family Profiles," a service that lets you take control of a group of up to 10 friends, family members or colleagues and pay for them on their behalf.

To set it up, the group leader needs to head into the settings in the Uber app and select "Add a Family Profile." It'll then bring up a list of all the people in your contact list and ask you to select the people you want to bring into the fold. Those chosen will then be sent an invitation, which will then provide the option to request an Uber using payment details provided by the group leader (who receives a receipt for every ride).

Although Uber is pushing the family angle, it doesn't want customers limiting rides to a partner or their children. The option also builds on Uber For Business, which makes it easier for employees to expense an Uber, by having their manager automatically pay for any rides requested while on the clock.

Uber Family Profiles

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