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Michael Kors' Android Wear smartwatches can change faces

To nobody's surprise, the version for women has crystals.
Michael Kors' Android Wear smartwatches can change faces
Mariella Moon
Mariella Moon|@mariella_moon|March 17, 2016 11:18 PM
Michael Kors already has a healthy lineup of watches in different shapes and sizes, but he still clearly wants a piece of the smartwatch action. The American designer has launched a new line of Android Wear devices called "Access" at Baselworld 2016. Its introduction videos (embedded below the fold) show a black "for him" version and a gold "for her," but it sounds like the brand's releasing more variants with interchangeable bands. Expect the ones for women to look glamorous, which most likely means that at least some of them will be studded with crystals, and those for men to look sporty.

Kors puts a lot of emphasis on the line's looks, as he created the devices because he wanted to make "chic" tech accessories. But, yes, the iPhone- and Android-compatible wearables do come with standard smartwatch features. They have exclusive display faces that you can switch around, depending on the occasion, with a swipe. The watches can show you app notifications, support Google's voice commands and have a built-in fitness tracker. They won't be available until fall this year (for $395 each), but it's not like you don't have a wide array of choices if you want to buy a smartwatch right this minute.

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Michael Kors' Android Wear smartwatches can change faces