You can now binge on porn with T-Mobile's Binge On

MiKandi is the first adult video provider that won't count against your Un-Carrier data cap.

Earlier today, T-Mobile announced that it was adding a number of new content providers to its Binge On initiative. The blog post announcing the new additions, which included YouTube and Google Play Movies, listed a number of services by name before mentioning "and others." It turns out "others" meant adult entertainment. That's right, you can now watch porn on T-Mobile without having it count against that monthly data allotment.

MiKandi Theater subscribers can now take advantage of Binge On, making the most of the $20 monthly membership while on the go. Back in November, T-Mobile CEO John Legere promised any content provider that met the technical requirements would be able to offer up its video as part of the program, and now we know that includes adult entertainment.

"T-Mobile is treating adults like adults and we hope that other tech companies follow in their footsteps," said MiKandi CEO Jesse Adams. The Un-Carrier confirmed to Engadget that MiKandi is indeed the first adult entertainment company to offer its video as part of the data-free program.