Inhabitat's Week in Green: A solar-powered plane, and more!

The hybrid sun- and biofuel-powered aircraft will make the first zero-carbon trans-Atlantic flight this June.

Everyone's heard of hybrid cars, but what about hybrid airplanes? A solar and biofuel-powered plane is set to make history this June by completing the world's first zero-carbon trans-Atlantic flight. We also spotted an incredible underwater exosuit that allows you to fly through the ocean like Ironman. In other transportation news, Mexico City banned over one million cars as air pollution levels skyrocketed. And a Swedish company created an amazing bicycle cafe that actually purifies city smog.

The Sahara Desert is the last place you'd expect to find a flourishing farm, but Tunisia is investing $30 million in a groundbreaking project that will produce solar power, food and fresh water. Have you always wanted to start a garden, but lack the space? IKEA just launched an indoor garden that lets you grow food all year-round. Even if your room doesn't have any windows, you can still grow plants: Check out these amazing pendant lights that double as terrariums. And designer Elizabeth Esponette has created a sprout-covered "Chia Vest" that produces fresh oxygen while absorbing toxins and pollutants.

In design and technology news, Elide has created a magical ball that can extinguish any fire in an instant. Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde outfitted wind turbines with laser lights to create a mesmerizing art installation. London released flocks of pigeons outfitted with tiny sensor backpacks to track pollution. And the Maldives just installed the world's largest underwater restaurant.