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Apple has a fast USB-C charger for your iPad Pro (updated)

There's also a Lightning to USB-C cable to charge from your MacBook.

One of the harsh lessons from the iPad Pro is that big batteries take a long time to charge -- forget to plug it in at night and you could be in for a hassle in the morning. Apple is finally tackling that problem today, though. Alongside the 9.7-inch Pro, it's introducing a 29W USB-C power adapter for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that should charge your tablet much more quickly than the 12W adapter that comes in the box. You'll need a computer with a USB-C port for this to work, of course, but it could be worth the $49 to save yourself some time during every recharge.

Update: As it turns out, the adapter itself is actually the same one that comes with the latest MacBook. But the Lightning to USB-C cable is certainly a new offer from Apple.

Also, miracle of miracles: Apple has finally released a Lightning to USB-C cable. If you have a 12-inch MacBook or another system where old-school USB isn't an option, you can sync or top up your iPhone without having to resort to an adapter. It costs $25 for a 3-foot version, or $35 if you need a lengthier 6-foot cable.

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