Tinder matches you with a presidential candidate

Swipe right to feel the Bern.

Tinder is about to get as pushy about politics as your Facebook friends. In a partnership with Rock the Vote, Tinder will match users in the United States with the presidential candidate who most closely represents their views, whether that be Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich.

While scrolling through potential Tinder dates, users may see a Swipe the Vote video card; tap it to pull up a series of positions on hot-button issues. (No, these definitely aren't the types of positions you're used to seeing on Tinder.) Tap each card to learn more about the topic, and then swipe right if you agree or left if you disagree. Prompts include, "Keep same-sex marriage legal" and "Drill for oil and gas in the US," for example.

After 10 issues, Tinder matches you with a potential future president and shows how you fared with the remaining candidates. If you haven't registered to vote, the app even prompts you to do so via Rock the Vote. Feel that polling-place love.