Nielsen starts breaking down TV streams by device next month

The measurement minded folks want content providers to know what you're watching on.

Nielsen already tracks what you're watching via gizmos like Apple TV, Roku and PlayStation, but has always lumped those viewing statistics together. That changes come April 25th when the ratings-minded folks start breaking over-the-top viewership data (Netflix or Hulu, for example) down by device, according to Variety. The "brand-level" connected device data will pull from Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Xbox in addition to the ones mentioned above. This should give content owners a better idea of what platforms their programming is being watched on most.

For a more comprehensive idea of what your flatscreen is being used for, Nielsen is also adding a new measurement method dubbed "Total Use of Television" that'll bring smart TV use into the fold in addition to over-the-air or cable viewing metrics. As more and more of us cut the cord, data on what we're watching and what we're watching it on is still needed. So, Nielsen will meet people where they are.