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Pandora creator takes over as CEO

It's part of a huge management shift that comes amid talk of a possible sale.

Pandora isn't just shaking things up with hints of on-demand listening. The internet radio pioneer's board of directors has abruptly appointed founder Tim Westergren as CEO, with outgoing leader Brian McAndrews leaving the company immediately. It's part of a broader management shakeup that also includes new chief financial, operating and product officers. Just what prompted the changes isn't clear from the official statements -- Pandora only says that these moves are meant to "accelerate the company's growth," and notes how Westergren has been deeply involved since the beginning.

The timing at least seems appropriate. Pandora is looking to expand beyond its signature radio streaming with the acquisition of Rdio, and the New York Times heard that the company has considered selling itself in recent weeks. It comes on the back of sub-par results where active listening dropped slightly year-over-year. Westergren's CEO role gives him the principal say in where his company is going, whether or not that involves a sale -- he doesn't have to worry that someone will sully his vision for online music.