Nurx app delivers HIV prevention drug on demand

It's only active in San Francisco, though, at least for now.

Nurx began as an on-demand birth control delivery service in late 2015, but it has now expanded its repertoire to include a drug that reduces the chances of HIV infection. The National Institutes of Health proved (PDF) that the drug called Truvada can reduce the risk of contracting HIV by 99 percent years ago, but it still hasn't seen widespread adoption. Maybe it's because of people's hesitation to request for a prescription or maybe it's because of the controversy surrounding the drug. Either way, the web-based app will make it easier for people at high risk of being infected, such as those whose partners are HIV positive, to get the medication.

They don't even need to get a prescription beforehand. Anyone who'd like to give it a shot can create an account on the app and request one by filling out a health profile and answering questions to determine whether they're eligible for the drug. They have to complete some lab tests for HIV status and renal function, but once that's done, Nurx will deliver Truvada right to their doorstep. Unfortunately, only folks in San Francisco can take advantage of Nurx's new offering, but the service aims to make its way to more states next month.