Waze will warn you when you're speeding

You won't be caught off-guard just because you couldn't see a speed limit sign.

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Waze will warn you when you're speeding

If you drive in unfamiliar areas often enough, you've probably run into situations where you couldn't spot a speed limit sign or were too busy finding your way to notice. However, Waze has some relief in sight: it just started rolling out an alert feature that makes it clear when you're breaking the speed limit on a given street. You can tell it whether or not to sound an alert, and even force the alert to show only when you run over the limit by a set percentage -- helpful for those fast-paced roads where obeying the limit actually makes you a hazard.

The catch? If you're reading this, you probably can't use the alerts... yet. Waze is launching the feature in just 16 countries, most of which are in mainland Europe and Latin America. The rest of the world is getting it "soon," though, so don't despair if you tend to keep a heavy foot on the accelerator.

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