'Final Fantasy XV' is getting a movie and an anime series

Because we've all waited long enough.

Final Fantasy XV

You like Final Fantasy, right? Well get ready for a surfeit of entertainment options as Square Enix is serving up not only an anime series, but also a movie alongside the almost decade-old (still not here!) Final Fantasy XV. While the movie will be released digitally later this year, the anime will start streaming today, tonight, on YouTube -- and it's entirely free.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is a 3D-animated movie (remember Advent Children?), focusing on King Regis (the protagonist's pop) once your characters leave the city.. Kingsglaive will be released digitally in 2016. Voice talent will include Aaron Paul, Lena Headey and Sean Bean -- the latter's character will probably die, because, you know, Sean Bean.

The anime being headed up by the same studio that worked on Sword Art Online, and you can expect story exposition, character development, diners and bromance. The entire series will launch ahead of the game, with a total of five ten-minute episodes streaming on YouTube -- and it will be completely free. The first episode (below) is available now.