Your girl friends can eavesdrop on convos in this dating app

Would you use a dating app like this?

A new dating app called Boompi works like Tinder at first blush. It finds matches based on location, and you can swipe left or right to let it know if you're interested or not. Now, here's where it gets iffy: if you're a woman, you can invite your girl friends into a private convo you've been having with a potential date. We're not talking about having an honest-to-goodness group chat -- no, your friends would be totally invisible to the person you're talking to. They can send messages within the convo that the other person wouldn't be able to read. And even those who aren't looking for a date can sign up and go on "Ghost Mode" just to be able to eavesdrop on conversations.

Truth is, nobody can stop you from showing your friends all the messages you get on dating sites, especially the creepy PMs women get all the time due to the gender disparity in many services. Maybe you want to ask them what they think of a prospective date based on your conversation, or to warn them against talking to this person who's been harassing you on the app for months. That's what friends do. But making eavesdropping an actual feature in a dating app is alarming. We'll bet a lot of people would consider inviting friends to watch a private convo from behind a cloak of invisibility a betrayal of trust and a huge violation of privacy.

The app's creator, Alejandro Ponce, told TechCrunch that he believes men would still join his service despite the feature's existence, though, because "boys will be wherever girls are." And Boompi, he claimed, "is every girl's dream."