Microsoft Office for Mac now supports add-in extensions

Also, you can send Starbucks gift cards from Outlook, because why not?

Microsoft Office didn't get a ton of stage time at Build this year, but the company announced a handful of improvements for both users and developers. Probably the most notable was the news that "add-ins" for Office (which work similar to browser extensions) would be coming to Office for Mac for the first time. It's a smart move to get those add-ins out to the Mac, because they're already available on Windows, the iPad and the online Office interface. Making them work with Office on the Mac goes helps unify the platform, something Microsoft has made a major focus in recent years.

Microsoft also launched new tools to help build more advanced Excel add-ins, deploy Office add-ins (if you're a system administrator) and find add-ins for Outlook. But arguably the most life-changing addition to Office has to be the new Starbucks add-in the company showed off during the Build day two keynote this morning. The Outlook add-in lets you send gift cards to your contacts directly through the email app and also lets you schedule coffee meetings that includes a link out to the Starbucks app for placing a mobile order. There are bigger plans in the future, including the option to let you order directly within Outlook itself. Caffeine and productivity lovers, rejoice!