'Attack on Titan' gets same-day release for English speakers

16 other Kodansha Comics titles get the same treatment.

Kodansha/Hajime Isayama

English-speaking fans of Attack on Titan no longer have to badger their favorite scanlation group to speed it up. The hit manga's publisher, Kodansha, has teamed up with comiXology and Amazon to make each chapter available in English on the same day it's released in Japan. That means you can download the latest chapter every week as soon it's out for either the comiXology or the Kindle app. You can even buy all the previous releases if you want the full collection.

A lot of manga fans who don't understand Japanese rely on fellow fans who scan and translate (hence, the term "scanlation") chapters and volumes of the titles they want to read. If a title becomes popular enough, it will eventually be localized for the West, but that typically takes quite some time to happen.

It's not just the post-apocalyptic action manga that's getting what Kodansha calls the "simulpub" treatment, though. Other titles, which we've listed below, include Fairy Tail and Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth Side: P4. The only bad news is that if you live in Japan and can't speak the language, you won't have access to the translated chapters. Otherwise, you're golden.


  • As the Gods Will: The Second Series

  • Fairy Tail

  • Fuuka

  • GTO Paradise Lost

  • The Seven Deadly Sins

  • UQ Holder

  • Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches


  • Inuyashiki

  • Space Brothers


  • Ajin: Demi-Human

  • Attack on Titan

  • Kiss Him, Not Me

  • The Heroic Legend of Arslan

  • Magatsuki

  • Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Side: P4

  • Sweetness and Lightning


  • Princess Jellyfish