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Impossible Project debuts its take on the Polaroid camera

The I-1 will be released in May for $300.

The Impossible Project is releasing a new, old-timey instant camera on May 10th for people who want to be able to print their photos on the spot. It's called the I-1, and it works like Polaroid cameras of old, but with a modern twist. The I-1 connects to an iOS app via Bluetooth, giving you the power to trigger it remotely, as well as to adjust its shutter speed, aperture and flash. Plus, you can charge its battery via USB instead of replacing it when it runs out.

Once you've tweaked its settings to your heart's content, you can then capture photos and print them on type 600 films that the company recreated through a feat of reverse engineering. The original and discontinued Polaroid film, if you still have any, works with the camera, too. Impossible Project will sell the I-1 for $300 when it arrives in May, making it a more expensive option than the Fujifilm Instax. Besides the type 600 film and this device, the company also created and crowdfunded the Instant Lab, a device that can print out images captured using mobile devices, in 2013.