Facebook to allow live video streaming from any device

Do it live.

Facebook has been pushing Live Video lately, with a revamped app experience designed to elevate the feature to its users. Today at F8, Facebook's Developer Conference, the company announced plans to increase its Live Video efforts even more. It's opening up a Live API so that anyone can build in the ability to stream live from any device. At the conference, Mark Zuckerberg showed that the ability to stream live video to Facebook has been built into a drone, which will be streaming live video from the conference over the next two days.

Chris Cox, Facebook's chief product officer, says that live video is a lot harder than simply streaming video. That's because it has to work no matter what kind of device and what kind of connection you have. "There's a real-time raw authentic moment, shared by a lot of people instantaneously," he said. On the professional side of things, he said that Facebook has already been working with several partners like BuzzFeed and Tastemade to stream live shows. As for the drone video, he says that if you own a DJI Phantom, all you need is a software update to be able to stream live -- the firmware should arrive in the next few months.