Nintendo's 'Miitomo' reportedly has over 4 million users

Estimates suggest Nintendo's first phone app is off to a good start.

Nintendo's first smartphone app, Miitomo, launched with a lot of fanfare. But how many people are actually interested in it? Quite a few, if you ask SurveyMonkey. It estimates that Miitomo has racked up 4 million people who use it at least once a month, and 1 million who use it every day. Supposedly, that translates to about $280,000 in in-app purchases every week. That's not a huge amount of cash in the context of Nintendo's console games, but pretty healthy for a brand new (and relatively niche) social network.

These aren't official figures, and Nintendo hasn't confirmed anything beyond the 1 million total users it mentioned before the US launch. Take this data with a grain of salt, then. If the estimate is reasonably precise, though, it shows that Nintendo's brand and early experience are enough to reel people in. The real question is whether or not they'll stay. Miitomo has reasons to come back (such as answering questions or upgrading your outfit), but it's not as involving as sharing life events on Facebook or Twitter.