Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 gets a luxurious Type Cover

It's made from a premium fabric called Alcantara.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 is having to do battle with a slew of tablet-hybrid competition that includes Apple's smaller iPad Pro and the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. It's a little early for an all-new Surface, so instead Microsoft has come out with a new, luxurious keyboard accessory. The company calls it the Signature Type Cover, and it's made a from a high-end fabric called Alcantara, which feels a little like suede. You'll have to pay a little extra for those premium looks, however, as it runs $159.99 in the Microsoft Store -- 30 bucks more than the regular Type Cover.

In a teaser video, Microsoft gives a relentless pitch about the keyboard's fashion and design credentials. Rachael Bell, a color and materials designer for Microsoft Devices, says: "There's an intersection there between technology, textiles, fashion and design. It's the most premium experience we've ever been able to bring to a device." That's all well and good, provided the keyboard is also nice to type on. Any improvements over the standard Type Cover would be a welcome bonus for Surface fans.