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Cortana's international versions get instant translations

The feature works, as long as you're running Windows 10.

The French-, German-, Italian- and Spanish-speaking versions of Microsoft's voice assistant Cortana are now much better travel companions. Just like their English- and Chinese-speaking counterparts, these versions can now instantly translate words and phrases into other languages, so long as you're running Windows 10. For instance, you can ask it for help by saying "Hey Cortana, translate where is the toilet in Japanese" in any of the four languages above, and it will quickly respond with the result.

In case you can't talk out loud, you can also type the phrase into the assistant's toolbar. Pretty handy if you travel all over the world. Speaking of traveling, Microsoft's Translator apps for other platforms might become indispensable tools for your trips, as well. It recently updated its iOS Translator app with the ability to work offline and added even more languages to its Android application.