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Here are all the Facebook Messenger bots we know about so far

The bots are coming.

Here are all the Facebook Messenger bots we know about so far
Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee|@nicole|April 13, 2016 3:01 AM
While Facebook just announced its bots for Messenger platform today, it already has a few dozen developers lined up to take the plunge. If you downloaded the latest Messenger update today, then you're ready to get started with the CNN bot, a weather bot called Poncho, a Wall Street Journal bot, a bot for 1-800-Flowers and a few more. Here we've compiled a starter list of bots that are already available, plus ones that are slated to arrive in the next few months. You can also peruse the Messenger bot store on Botlist for more. (Props to Martin Hoffman for this public Google Doc of Known Bots).
Bots Available? Description (Quoted descriptions are from a Facebook press release)
1-800-Flowers Yes "1-800-FLOWERS.COM will offer customers the ease and convenience of ordering floral gifts through Messenger. 1-800-FLOWERS.COM will blend its bot and live customer service support on Messenger to serve as "gift concierges" and answer questions, make gifting suggestions, process orders, send shipping updates and provide an array of other important information such as gift reminders."
Bank of America Not yet "Bank of America is working with Messenger to deliver capabilities to help its clients stay connected to their finances whenever and wherever they choose. Initial capabilities will enable clients to receive important real-time alerts and communications from Bank of America through Messenger."
Burger King / Tim Hortons Not yet "Restaurant Brands International (RBI), owner of Burger King and Tim Hortons, is launching on the Messenger Platform for an easier way for customers to interact with both Burger King and Tim Hortons. Their bot will provide a way for customers to order food through Messenger."
Business Insider Not yet "Through Business Insider's bot for Messenger, people will be able to sign-up to receive chat messages alerting them to the most important news, in real-time."
CNN Yes "CNN is using bots for Messenger for people to get CNN news and information in a personalized, private message. People can now chat directly with CNN to get breaking news or personalized and specific stories by messaging CNN with a keyword to receive related stories."
eBay Not yet "eBay is launching a platform that allows buyers to receive price alert updates within Messenger so that they never lose an auction."
Expedia Not yet "Expedia enables customers to search, browse, and book hotels inside of Messenger."
Fandango Not yet "Fandango's bot for Messenger will provide fans quick and easy access to movie information, trailers, show times, theater locations and a link to advance ticketing for all theatrical releases on Fandango."
Great Western Railway / Conversocial Not yet "Great Western Railway is launching a tool to communicate with customers via Messenger, making the line of communication easier during busy times."
HealthTap Yes "HealthTap is now offering the expertise of its network of top U.S. doctors instantly via Messenger. Now people using Messenger around the world have a new, convenient and simple way to access health information. Anyone can type a question into Messenger and receive free and trusted doctor answers wherever they are and whenever they need them."
HP Yes "With bots for Messenger, HP consumers will be able to print their photos, documents and files to any connected HP printer as well as receive notifications to re-order toner cartridges."
LivePerson Not yet "LivePerson is announcing the seamless integration of LiveEngage and Messenger's Platform. Through the new integration, consumers using bot assistance to interact with a brand on Messenger will be able to effortlessly transition to a live agent conversation powered byLiveEngage if in need of additional support."
Mic Not yet "Mic is launching "Mic Check Yourself", an integrated news product powered by bots for Messenger. Once a day customers will receive original takes on a major news story in that day's news cycle, delivered to them straight through Messenger."
Operator Yes "Operator is offering a new way to shop on Messenger. With the new integration of Operator for Messenger, people can now discover and purchase on the go with the help of Operator's network of experts and bots who help consumers find and purchase the best things from around the world."
OwnerListens Not yet "With OwnerListens' suite of tools built especially for bots for Messenger, any business can now use Messenger to chat live with customers and do so safely and at scale. Improved customer experiences include multiple responders, automated, context-aware replies, templates, DIY Calls to Action (CTA), off hours settings, CRM integrations and more."
Philz Coffee Not yet "Philz is offering customers the ability to communicate in real time, powered by the OwnerListens platform. Through bots for Messenger, Philz can answer customer questions, enable people to receive gift cards and choose to follow Philz on Facebook or Instagram."
Poncho Yes "Poncho is using bots on Messenger to send people real time local weather reports, including a new on-boarding experience and scheduled weather pushes based on your preference during on-boarding."
Rogers Not yet "Rogers enables customers to reach customer care reps via Messenger through a continuous chat, so they can ask questions, make changes to a plan, update accounts, set up a new line and more."
Salesforce Not yet "Salesforce is launching a platform that enables businesses to tie live chat interactions with their backend CRM and Ads activities."
Sequel Stories Yes A selection of choose-your-own-adventure stories
Shopify Not yet "Shopify is using bots for Messenger to provide live customer support, automatically send order confirmations, shipping updates, push notifications and more."
Sonar Not yet "Sonar is now built on top of Facebook's API, allowing businesses and customers to communicate over its Messenger Platform offering features such as lightning fast messaging exchanges, status updates, rich media and structured messages."
Sparkcentral Not yet "Spark Central powers live chat, which will send customers itineraries, status updates, and boarding passes and live chat customer support within Messenger."
Spring Yes "Spring is launching Spring Bot, a personal shopping concierge powered by the Messenger Send/Receive API, Send to Messenger plugin and Zopim live chat."
Staples Not yet "After signing up to connect on Messenger, Staples mobile web customers will now have the ability to chat with sales and customer service specialists for shopping assistance and post-sales support. Customers can also opt-in to receive personalized updates, like order confirmation and shipment notifications."
StubHub Not yet "After signing up to connect on Messenger, StubHub customers will have the ability to receive ticket confirmations, event maps, event updates, and parking passes within Messenger. Customers can also opt-in to receive alerts for games and events in which they are interested."
theScore Not yet "theScore is launching a platform that allows sports fans to receive automated real-time scores and news updates through bots for Messenger. theScore Bot will deliver scores, stats and news from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and most major soccer leagues, and fans will be able to get alerts for game start, live scoring plays, the final score of a game and any breaking news related to the team being followed."
Thrillist Not yet "Using Thrillist's venue services and Spectrm's chat platform, people can tell Thrillist's Bot what they want to eat or drink, send their location and the bot will respond with curated recommendations right in Messenger."
PullString Yes "ToyTalk has created a "choose your own adventure" game that can be played in Messenger." NOTE: ToyTalk changed its name to PullString.
Twilio Not yet "Twilio is launching a platform enabling companies who typically communicate via SMS to send rich notifications via Messenger."
UNICEF Not yet "Similar to UNICEF's UReport program, people will be able to message UReport in Messenger, set up a profile, get involved as a UReporter and recieve notifications."
Wall Street Journal Yes Get the latest headlines from the WSJ through Messenger. You can also get live stock quotes by typing "$" followed by a ticker symbol. Or you can type "lookup" followed by the company name.
Zalando Not yet "Zalando, one of Europe's biggest retailers, is testing an integration that allows customers to ask Jaff, "Just a fashion friend," for product recommendations."
Zendesk Not yet "Zendesk is launching Zendesk Message, one of the first dedicated customer service messaging software on Messenger. Zendesk Message integrated with bots for Messenger to create a tool built for businesses to address the unique characteristics of messaging and the growing demand for customer interactions within this channel."
Zingle Not yet "Zingle is launching a platform that enables hotel guests to interact directly with hotel staff via Messenger."
Here are all the Facebook Messenger bots we know about so far