Homeland Security urges you to uninstall QuickTime on Windows

Apple won't be releasing any more security updates for the software.

The Department of Homeland Security is echoing Trend Micro's advice to uninstall QuickTime if you have it on your Windows computer. While the multimedia program's working just fine, the security firm has discovered two new critical vulnerabilities lurking within it that could allow remote attackers to take over your system. Unfortunately, they might never be patched up: Trend Micro says Apple will no longer release security updates for the Windows version of the software, hence the call to jettison it completely.

The good news is that Trend Micro hasn't spotted any active attacks targeting those specific vulnerabilities yet. But both the firm and Homeland Security stress that because Apple has abandoned the program, the only way to protect yourself from potential threats is to dump it -- Windows has a lot of safer alternatives you can use anyway. These flaws don't affect QuickTime for Mac in any way, though, so OS X users can carry on.