MightyTV brings Tinder-like swipes to your streaming queue

The app learns your preferences over time to refine its recommendations.

Swiping to control software existed long before Tinder's arrival, but the dating tool's method of showing approval has made its way to another of other apps. Swiping left or right can now help you sort through all of the options in your streaming queue. Thanks to MightyTV, you should spend a little less time scrolling aimlessly through the seemingly endless menu of options.

The app works like Tinder, but for video rather than your dating life. When you first launch the software, you're greeted with a collection of movie and TV show posters. From there, swipe right to like, right and hold to love it, left if you don't like it and up to skip for the time being. The more you use it, the better the recommendations get. Based on your likes, loves, and dislikes, MightyTV personalizes suggestions, getting a hand from machine learning along the way. That's where it differs from other streaming guides that offer mostly search functionality, like Yahoo's Video Guide app.

The app connects to all of the services you use to show what's available, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, HBO and Showtime. Alongside the selections, you can watch trailers before you make a decision. Once you find something you're interested in, you can get to the selection in a click, or save it for later viewing. You can also filter results based on service and cost.

There's a feature called Mashup that takes into account your friends' preferences. If you happen to all be hanging out together, the app will show suggestions that fit everyone's likes and dislikes. As you might expect, MightyTV will also show you what's popular among your friends list, too. Sound like something you could use? The app is available now on iOS and is slated to make its way to Android soon.